www.jakarta-apartment.com provides comprehensive information of sales & lease apartment listings in Jakarta, This portal is very useful to help potential buyers and tenants, both locals or expatriates, from home country to abroad, to find their most suitable choice of residential in Jakarta. Place your online advertisement here and get the immediate response. It is easy and affordable! Each advertisement placement cost you only Rp.100.000,- for one-month display.

You can add and specify all the information about your listings: location and sitemap, size, numbers of rooms, furnished or unfurnished, apartment’s lay-out, view and facilities, interior style and furniture, etc, attached with images & photographs. Let your prospective customers take a peek and knows better about the product you advertised where other media will not bring this experience. Please add your contact numbers so they can directly contact you.

To support you, we could also help you to take pictures of your apartment, please call us for the arrangement.

To obtain this service, simply fill out our online registration form and follow the instructions on Registration Steps and Terms & Conditions as stated below or please call us for further details.

Registration Steps

To register, you'll need to sign up first by simply click the ' Sign-up' and get started. It's fast and simple.
Log in using your e-mail address as your user name and key in a password you've been created.
Fill out the online registration form with the required data and images then submit.
Take note of your Registration ID.
Transfer your payment and place your registration ID (required for verification of your payment).
For extensions of advertisement placement, transfer your payment with the existing Registration ID.
Notify us of your payment via e-mail, sms(text), or fax.
The placement will be on-line after your payment effective to our bank account.
The advertisement placement period is for one month (30 days) and can be extended.

Terms & Conditions

Payments will only be accepted in cash deposit or bank transfer with the beneficiary :
  PT.Habitat Hunian
BCA Mandala Tomang
a/c 398-398 5757
In order to make your advertisement placement effective, send your bank transfer as notification using the followings:
  e-mail : advertise@jakarta-apartment.com
sms : +62 81 6827440
phone : +62 21 8293535
fax : +62 21 8313366